Stage Settings

This article explains how the Stages Settings work and how you can set up your live stream on Stages

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Privacy settings of Vimeo & Youtube videos

Vimeo & Youtube link formats

Moderating Live Chat and Q&A using Stage Settings

What is Stages Settings meant for:

  • Allows one stage to 'carry' the entire livestream across a full day (having different sessions connected to programme, but only one stage stream)
  • Organiser can be in full control of breaks, countdowns etc

Stages Settings list view:

  • You can find Stages Settings in the left side under ‘Live Engagement’ In this view you can see all your stages that are present in the Programme module
    List view
  • Stage features - which features are activated
  • Token code (if generated) - this code is not in use on Tame at the moment.
  • Live on stages -  Stage is currently Live or Not Live

Editing Stages Settings:

Clicking on a stage setting, you will see:

  • Stage token - Each stage has a stage token/ID
  • Generate token - When it's activated then the token ID will appear beneath, which you can click to copy to clipboard. This token was used to e.g. stream through OBS, but at the moment we don't provide that streaming solution on Tame, so this code cannot be used.
  • Youtube/Vimeo stream - Here you can add your Vimeo or Youtube link. Please read more about the requirements for which links to use below.
  • Session features - Choose which features you want to include to that stage (Livechat / Q&A / People)
  • Live on Stages - Activate stage on/off

Link formats for Vimeo and Youtube

Vimeo livestream link requires to have "/embed" in the end of the link.
Can be e.g "" or "", but not player format like "".

For Youtube use the link you get from the URL. 

In many cases Youtube videos don't work when copying the link from clicking "Share" button or getting the short link from the settings:

Example of a correct Youtube link that works embedding on Tame:

Example of a Youtube link that doesn't work when embedding on Tame:

Privacy Settings and allowing embedding


Be aware of the Privacy selection that says "Public". If you don't want the stream in Vimeo to be found by other people through Vimeo's search engine, press on "Public" and select "Hide from Vimeo".

Also, make sure your event is set "Recurring".

Be aware that your video embedding settings need to be set to "Anywhere".


Youtube videos need to be set as Public and with no age restrictions.


Select "Videos for children"

Access options

Choose "Access to the link" or "Open access"



How to moderate Live Chat/Q&A when I use Stages Settings?

In this case, only the organisers (people who are added as team members) can delete Live Chat/Q&A messages. Read about moderating here.