Creating Webinar sessions for Stages

A webinar is used when Speakers are presenting on the Stage using their webcam and microphone. In this article we will show you how to set up a webinar session for the Stage and how the transitions work between the sessions.

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Transitions between sessions on Stages

How can Speakers join?

Going overtime on a Stage

Where can I see the Stage?

All the sessions will be shown under the "Stage" module on your virtual event (see image below).

Stages 2

Creating a live Webinar session for Stages

Go to Live Engagement -> Sessions and click  "Add New Session".

live sessions

These are the fields you will see:

1. CONNECT TO A PROGRAMME SESSION (only to show on Stage)

In this article we are talking about webinar sessions being shown on the Stage. So here you need to link it to the relevant Program session. If you don't connect it to a programme session, it will create a breakout session which is not shown on the Stage.


Add Title and Date/Time to guide your attendees to the relevant sessions during the day. You can enter the session before the start time via Direct Session link. But the session will be shown on the Stage according to the time of the session set here.


A session is either Public (so all attendees can see it) or Private (So only invited attendees can see it). When you create a session to be shown on the Stage they will be Public.

4. MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS (only for breakouts)

The 'Maximum Participants' also allows you to create e.g. Breakout rooms with a certain amount of attendees per session. This works only for creating breakout sessions.

5. SEGMENT ACCESS (only breakouts)

If you choose a session type of Private, the 'Segment Access' section will become clear. To invite Attendees from the attendees list, choose 'Selected Attendees' and select from the 'ATTENDEE(S)' section that appears underneath.


The presenters have rights with Video/Audio in the session. If you select 'Anyone', all attendees can start broadcasting. If you select 'Speakers' only the Speakers you add below from the list will have tiles with Video/Audio and all others will only have view ability.


This link can be used for a number of things:

1: To share with Speakers, so they can go directly to a session without having to go through the platform.

2: To share with Speakers before the event, to allow them to test their camera and webcam and start broadcasting before the session is set to start.


If you want to use pre-recorded material for a session on a Stage, you need to upload this to Vimeo or Youtube and add in your link here. Note: please read about transitions below.


You can choose which features you want to enable for a session: Live Chat, Q&A and People overview.


Where can my Speakers join the session and start broadcasting?

First, make sure you assign your Speakers to the relevant sessions (step 6) and also add them to the attendee list with the same email address.

You can share the "Direct session link"(step 7) with your Speakers (see image below). That link is always live and they can also test everything with that link before the event. Speakers can broadcast through the direct session link and attendees will see them on the Stage once the session starts.

Direct session link

Speakers can also join the session through your virtual event -> Stage. In that way they cannot join the session before it starts. So going to the session through Stage can only be done when the event has started, not before.

Note: If you need to do a test run with your Speakers before the event, you can only do it via "Direct session link". Stages will not be activated before your event.

Sessions start-end times and transitions on Stages

Session on the Stage will show up once the session starts, not before. 

At the moment using Tame internal call functionality on the Stage, it will not show anything before the live session is set to start. If your session is set to start at 09:00 as shown on the image below:

Session 3

and your attendee is waiting on the Stage before 09:00, they would need to refresh the page at 09:00 to see the session. Otherwise it shows "No session is live at the moment" (see the image below).

No session is live


There is no transition between sessions on the Stages. That means that when your session ends the attendee is still on the same page waiting for the next one, they need to refresh the page to see the next session. In order to avoid this you need to use one of the live streaming solutions

What if my Speaker goes overtime in the session?

If your session is set to end at 10:00 and the Speaker want to talk longer, they can do it and it doesn't cut off. But if an attendee enters the Stage from 10:01 then they will see "Session has ended". So if the Speaker goes overtime and the attendee has been staying on the Stage without refreshing the page, they are all good :)