Creating virtual sessions with pre-recorded material

Tame supports Vimeo or Youtube videos for pre-recorded material. See how you can add the videos directly into your virtual session

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Adding pre-recorded videos for Stages

Adding pre-recorded videos for breakout sessions

Transition between pre-recorded sessions on Stages

Adding pre-recorded videos for Stages

You can use Stage Settings to show a pre-recorded video on your Stage(s).

1. Go to Live Engagement-> Stage Settings

2. Open the Stage (it takes the stage from the Programme you've created)

3. Add Youtube or Vimeo link (make sure it's public)

4.  Choose if you want to include Live Chat, Q&A or People on the Stage

5. Whenever you want the pre-recorded video to start activate the Stage by clicking "Live on Stages".

The Stage shows the video only from when you activate the stage until when the video ends or when you deactivate the  Stage. 

If you want to show another video after the first one, you will need to add  another link. P.S: there's no transition between these videos. If  you add a new link or deactivate/activate the Stage and an attendee is already on the Stage, they would need to refresh the page in order to see the changes. If this solution is not the best, we would recommend to use a live streaming solution.


Adding pre-recorded videos for breakout sessions

You can also add a pre-recorded video to a breakout session. Then the video starts playing when you set the session to start.

1. Go to Live Engagement -> Sessions and click '+Add New Session'

2. Leave the session to "No connection to Program", then it creates a breakout session

3. Fill in the session form with relevant information

- "Who can present" is not relevant here so you can just leave it as "Anyone".

- Direct  session link -  This link is only relevant for webinar sessions without pre-recorded material, if you want to test broadcasting beforehand.

- EXTERNAL LINK (OPENS IN NEW TAB) - If you want your attendees to be able to watch pre-recorded material in their own time, you can add your Vimeo/Youtube link to the pre-recorded material here and they will be taken to the video (on Vimeo or Youtube) on a new tab when they click on the blue arrow to join the session in the Virtual Event.

- ADD VIMEO STREAM (only Vimeo or Youtube) - You will need to upload your Pre-recorded material to Vimeo/Youtube and add in the link here.


Transition between sessions on Stages

There is no transition between sessions on the Stages. That means that when you have several sessions on a Stage and your pre-recorded video session ends, the attendee needs to refresh the Stage page to see the next session. In order to avoid this you need to use one of the streaming solutions or create one long video with a countdown before the session starts.


NOTE❗: To avoid showing Vimeo branding in the pre-recorded material, you will need a plus, pro or business subscription for Vimeo.